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Root Android With One Click Using Towelroot

One Click Lollipop Root:

You have decided to root your Android Smartphone which is loaded with Lollipop or some higher version but confused whether to root or not, rooting may create any additional problems or it must a difficult process I should have PC. We say just stop thinking and start reading our article on how to root Any Android smartphone or one click Lollipop root or one click rooting technique for Android the phone, whatever may be your thought we have a simple answer like rooting is now more easy, fast and free with Towelroot APK invented by Geohot. This beautiful app will make your rooting job more fun with its one click rooting method so that you can customize your Android very easily just with one click on Towelroot APK.

Checklist before starting Root Process:

  • Enabling USB debugging
  • Enabling Unknown source option.
  • Have enough charging in the phone

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Steps to root Android Lollipop with just Oneclick:

  • Type Towelroot website URL: on from the Android phone Browser.
  •  Just click on the red color inverted “y” to start the download of Towelroot APK file. One after the other, you can also click on
  •  After successful download of APK file, the installation process will trigger automatically on your phone.
  • Close the Towelroot app after successful completion.
  • Reopen the Towelroot app by clicking on its icon and click on “make it ra1n”.
  • If rooting process is successfully completed then the phone will reboot automatically.
  • To complete rooting process download a Superuser file and install it on your Android phone .This can be done by clicking on Towelroot. Apk.

How to check If Phone Is Rooted or not:

  1. To check phone is rooted or not you have to install   “Root Checker” from Google play, download it and install the same.
  2. Once “Root Checker” is installed just click on it and tap on “Verify Root”.
  3. Then Root Checker will ask for “SuperSu” rights and then click on “Grant”.
  4. If it displays a message “Root Access Verified”, that means you’re your phone’s rooting process is successfully completed.

Post by towelroot (2016-11-06 18:40)

Tags: towelroot apk android rooting

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